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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's your definition of a good lead?

A good lead is a homeowner who lives in an area you serve and who’s interested in the specific service we’re advertising for.

Do you do long term contracts?

Swish Leads services are on a month to month basis. We don’t require that you sign a long term contract with us but we do our best to deliver great results each and every month which is our surefire way to retain clients for as long as possible.

Do you sell the leads to other contractors?

No, the leads are exclusive to you and only you. We run the campaigns under your Facebook page so people are signing up for your campaigns and they know exactly which company are gonna contact them.

Do you work on a pay-per-lead basis?

No, we don’t do pay per lead. We have a monthly management flat fee plus Facebook ad spend which varies depending on your schedule and how many leads you can handle and you’re paying it to Facebook, not us.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We guarantee that for $500 of ad spend you’ll get 20-30 exclusive prospects or we’ll give you your money back plus $1,000 for wasting your time! And yes, we’re this confident in our services

What can I expect?

Let’s say that you allocated a budget of $500 for the ad spend and we brought you 20-30 exclusive prospects.

Let’s be very conservative and say that you can only close 10% so that’s 2-3 clients. So if you’re making just $10,000 per project, you’re looking at a minimum of $20,000

So you invest $1,500 in and you make $20,000 back.

And let’s say that you allocate a budget of $1000 for the ad spend which is $2,000 in total($1000 ad spend + $1000 management) you’re looking at making at least $40,000

Or even in the worst case scenario if you only close 1 out of 20-30 and make $10,000 it’s still a win…

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